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Lesson Information

Lesson Fees for Members

*All plans include 4 sessions per month

Lesson Membership Plans:

Silver Plan:

$168.99 monthly

Gold Membership:

$295.99 monthly

Online Membership:

$278.99 monthly

Click here for more information on plans

Lesson Fees for Non-Members

In-Person Lessons:

30 Minute Lesson:

$45.99 per session 

60 Minute Lesson:

$87.99 per session

90 Minute Lesson:

$109.99 per session 

FaceTime Lessons: 

30 Minute Lesson:

$40.99 per session

60 Minute Lesson:

$75.99 per session

90 Minute Lesson:

$100.99 per session

*Prices are subject to change without notice

Current as of 8/20/2023

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